Useful Tips When Adopting a Stray Dog

Useful Tips When Adopting a Stray Dog
Stray Dog

Adopting a stray dog isn’t what people generally go for.
Adopting one from a sheltered home or buying a purebred from an animal shop is usually the safest and most practical way of doing it.
But if you are one of those dog lovers who just cannot stand the sight of a malnourished and afraid stray dog there are a couple of things you might need to know before proceeding.
Stray dogs are quite often dangerous or violent because of the conditions they are forced into.
It might be quite difficult at first for them to adjust and adapt to human contact let alone a human bond.

Finding a stray dog

The rate of stray dogs varies quite drastically depending on where you are.
In some regions, stray dogs are quite common in other places not so much
In urban places for example finding stray dogs can be rare and it’s most often a lost dog so you need to make sure it doesn’t belong to anyone.

Making sure it’s a stray dog!

You can check the internet or contact a nearby dog shelter for any notices about a missing dog because you might just help return a lost dog to his original home.
The shelter can also scan him or her for microchips that contain any personal information concerning his owners. Moreover, you should check local laws and policies concerning adopting stray dogs.

Making contact

It’s not as easy as it sounds most of these dogs have probably gone through so much trauma that it becomes nearly impossible to approach them.
What you need to do it establish contact one step at a time, try to swing by his usual place and drop tasty treats, try to approach him slowly, and as harmlessly as you can.
It might take a while before the dog finally trusts you or even comes near you so you need to be patient.
Don’t take him immediately to your home, you should let him get used to you may be occasionally brought over members of your family so that he can get used to them too.
As trust starts to build up you can thoroughly check his bred and physical condition.

Take him immediately to the vet, YES!

A stray dog needs an expert’s thorough care they have to check for signs of malnourishment or any likely diseases and illnesses.
You would be amazed if you knew all sorts of diseases and worms that stray dogs may have so they will immediately need a full check-up.

Getting him settled in:

Stray dogs are not used to having a lot of humans around and at first, it might be intimidating for them, they will often act shy and timid.
That’s completely normal and in fact, you shouldn’t push yourself on them, give them time to adjust, and adapt one step at a time.
It is also very advised to not leave them alone for the first couple of days because that might give them anxiety and make them act unpredictably.
Adopting a stray dog is a very noble act but a challenging one as well, proceed cautiously, and try not to put yourself or the dog in harm’s way.