The Ultimate Guide for Travelling with your Pet

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dog travling with partner

Pets, and personally, dogs are the best companions’ humans can have.
Although pets do require a lot of attention and honestly they are quite the responsibility.
Usually, the idea of getting a pet sparks when you want to settle down, seeing as how you can’t really move around a lot when you have a lovely pet that you really care about.
But what if you want to take a break by traveling somewhere in order to escape your daily routine.
Generally, pets are a pleasure to have around especially when you develop a strong bond with them.
Traveling around the world with your cat seems quite appealing, and those dreams of you and your dog running along a nice beach or hiking through the mountains are only a few decisions away, I mean the example is limitless and the tastes are as different as the sky through the day.
The idea of traveling around with your pet might seem a bit intimidating, especially if we’re talking about fish.
You will find yourself asking questions such as “what if something goes wrong?”, “didn’t I forget to bring something?” …
Thus, this article is for you; here, we will tell you everything you need to know before traveling with your pet.


That’s the first concern, after all, you want to move from a place to another; you always have to check for pet policies when buying tickets for public transports. Some companies can have harsh pet policies.
In planes, for instance, companies usually don’t allow you to travel with your pets if the flight is over 12 hours so you will either have to book multiple flights or book a ticket for your pet to be transported in specialized cargo planes for pets.
When traveling abroad you should be completely aware of other countries’ pet rules and policies for example some countries don’t allow dogs to travel on any means of transport.
Boats are more practical they have specialized places where they keep pets and you can see them whenever you want, some companies will even allow you to keep your pet in your car.
Trains are also very practical but, if you like to have a dog, some companies will ask that you put a muzzle on for your dog.
Cars are the best way to travel with your pet because of the freedom it offers you.
You can stop whenever you want, take your pet for a walk and to take care of their needs.

Health and safety:

You must take your pet for a veterinarian check-up before leaving better be safe than sorry, you can never know when and where your pet may fall ill.
It Is also advised to save the number of the nearest veterinarian to the place you’re staying at, even humans can get sick when they’re usual environment change so it’s good to have a plan B in case of emergencies for your pets, and even for you.
Moreover, you should keep your pet’s usual food with you in case your destination doesn’t have adequate food.

Prepare your pet:

Like we previously mentioned you need to get your pet checked with your veterinarian because most of the flying companies require a health certificate.
In case your pet is going to be placed in a crate, and this applies mostly on pets who aren’t used to crates, the free folks, you should try to get him used to it long before the traveling because the traveling conditions can be quite stressful for your pet (being left alone, unable to freely move and scout the perimeter) and the goal is that both of you enjoy the trip the last thing you would want is for your pet to be frustrated throughout the trip.
Traveling with your pet is going to be one of the most memorable times of your life so don’t ignore him or her.
Don’t bring your pet with you if all you are going to be doing is shopping in big malls.
You need to include him or her in your activities, go sightseeing, and take runs across the landmarks they are your traveling buddy, not your luggage.

Have Fun!