In the Theory of DOGS, the Human Best Companion!

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In the Theory of DOGS, the Human Best Companion!

“Dogs are human’s best friend” you probably heard this sentence a couple of times throughout your whole life, but what does it truly mean?
A question that thrilled scientist’s minds is just how we ended up sharing this strong bond with dogs as opposed to other animals.
It is, in fact, quite mesmerizing to see how they are the only animal across the entire planet with whom we seem to get along rather well.
Scientists have been tracking down just when did we domesticate dogs, and the answer turned out to be 20 000 to 30 000 years ago.
Humans often used dogs to safeguard their place, help them with their cattle, and due to the speed of some dog’s breed even hunting.
In various civilizations dogs even accompanied humans to wars and were hard trained.
Throughout all of the years that humanity went through dogs were alongside us. Be it their loyalty or sometimes the comfort they offer us; dogs will forever remain the best companions that we can ask for.
So how can the presence of a dog really help us both physically and psychologically?

Physical Benefit?

Recent studies showed that the presence of a dog can reduce the chances of heart disease, scientists are still unsure or rather indecisive concerning the reasons why.
Statistics also showed that it reduces significantly your chances of premature death.
This only proves that having a dog around improves your general overall physical health.
Owning a dog also means taking responsibility and taking care of him or her take actual discipline.
This is why most people report that after they got a dog they became more efficient in everyday tasks and started taking better care of themselves.
Some psychologists claim that taking care of someone often shows these individuals just how important it is to take care of your own self and that causes various changes in habits and lifestyle.
A prominent example of this is walking; dog owners tend to go for walks at least twice a day which regulates blood pressure, fend of cardiovascular diseases, and other variety of diseases.

Psychological Benefits?

After a hard and long day of work, you go back to your apartment, and there he is wagging his tail and greeting you with unmistakable enthusiasm.
When you interact with your dog your body produces what scientists call the “love hormone”.
This hormone is wildly responsible for an awful lot of your psychological and social wellbeing.
Statistics show that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety symptoms.
They are also more open to social interaction and are more trusting. Some studies indicate that dogs can sense psychological unrest and would often help trauma patients through their mental breakdowns or panic attack, they offer some kind of comfort and affection which is what we humans mainly crave.
They are also particularly helpful when they around children, they can enhance their productivity and offer some kind of motivation.
Some studies showed that it increases their emotional intelligence and reduces anxieties and insecurities.
With their buddy around at all times your kid will never feel alone and will always feel safe and comforted especially subconsciously the dog will offer a good environment for your kid to thrive.
It is the feeling of loving and being loved that makes humans, and it is exactly what a dog offers you.
So take good care of them and they will take good care of you.