how long are dogs pregnant, Signs and What should Do During Pregnancy

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Dogs carry out the most prominent stages of dogs during her life because it is characterized by the issue of severe sensitivity, with the health of dogs in general. The date of ideal fertilization for her is a seventh of menstruation

how long are dogs pregnant?

The dogging period is 63 days, but births may occur at any time between today 58-68 from pregnancy because the period of pregnancy depends on the number of previous pregnancy times and is also dependent on the date of enrichment, which may occur after a day or two from mating, Where the egg remains capable of enrichment for two days, while sperm can live in the vaginal channel for several days, and the dog can carry once every 8 months. Completed by fetal claws, and their eyes, and its ears by 40 days of pregnancy, as the body’s hair, is fully growing by the eighth week of pregnancy, and the number of puppies depends on the strain, where younger breeds tend to carry between 1-4 per time each time, The larger breeds to carry between 8-12 topple.

Signs of Pregnancy

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The female dogs appear during pregnancy some signs of vomiting, usually occurs in the first period of pregnancy.

Gain weight gradually from the 35 days of pregnancy, and can reach the increase over natural weight.

In the last third of the pregnancy in the dog and after 6 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, confounding and supplying an bitch belly, and its mammary glands are beginning to grow and blow clearly, where they are processed for milk secretion.

The abdomen of day 40 for pregnancy, depends on the number of embryos, and the abdomen is less bulging during the first pregnancy compared to the following times and tendency quietly or loss of appetite.

Some signs show the pregnant dog before birth to a nerve condition, which is clearly, and with a greater rate of natural average, and its appetite is significantly reduced and avoids approaching food

Changing the color of the nipple to pink is one of the signs of pregnancy in dogs and early marks for pregnancy. The nipple is a little nipple and is more prominent, and this is the first pregnancy mark in dogs that can be seen from a weekly for three of the beginning of pregnancy.

In the early stages, the natural dog behaves in a usual manner until the last third of the pregnancy, the dog finds it difficult to move due to increased weight dramatically and may be more likely to sleep continuously.

How puppies are born

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The dogs begin to put one puppy after another manner, where the puppy puts every quarter of an hour until the birth is final. The puppy is born and surrounded by a bag of gelatin, where his mother cuts the embryo bag with her teeth and cleaned the puppy by taking her tongue until he was totally and steading in his eyes. The female dog starts to breastfeed her puppies and gives birth to an average female average of about four. If a female has a dog over 4 due to it must be supported through industrial breastfeeding using industrial milk and you need a dog female to support, tenderness and attention during pregnancy periods and gaps where they are exposed to different neurological sites.

What should Do During Pregnancy?

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During the first four weeks of the duration of the dogs do not need any kind of special care but must continue to exercise their natural habits in and walk. After the end of the first four weeks, physical activity must be reduced and gave the dog further comfort. Do not tire your pregnant dog especially after the sixth week. You must be allowed to be comfortable as long as it needs because pregnancy is attached.

One of the most important things you can do for a holder is to make sure they get good nutrition. If your dog already deals well with dogs and has a healthy weight, you will not have to make any changes to its diet in the first part of its campaign. It should be given appropriate nutrition and can be used for so dedicated feeds where dogs need during their load period to further vitamins, proteins, calories, and minerals. In order to ensure proper growth for puppies during their load period, and phosphorus, calcium, and behaviorism must be increased. During the first months of carrying dogs, the number of quotas should be increased, with their quantity, to ensure that its stomach, its intention is not exhausted. Before the expiry of the duration of the dogs carrying ten days, the quantities of proteins should be reduced in their food and are final five days before birth.

Keep a dog far from other dogs during the last three weeks of pregnancy and for the first three weeks after giving birth. You must avoid it to the garden or any road in your logic. This will be protected from infectious diseases that can damage its adults and for them both.

Be careful to provide an appropriate and warm place to generate young people so they can go out after several weeks and submit the industrial dairy to respect if the mother is unable to saturate after their birth. Provide the necessary vaccinations for young people on time and control of young health and free of all health and physical problems at birth. Mother assistant to caring for young people by providing good food and nutrition and taking care of the safety of mental health of the mental dog during breastfeeding through attention and care.

Before birth a few days, it is likely to start with anxious feeling and non-movement to be looking to do birth. It must be supplied with the box so that dog can enter and get out of it, and also enough for the number of puppies. The box must serve as a safe place for a dog for the birth of their young, and consists of softness and surround by relatively high fences. It must be great enough to make the dog be fully extended and there is also a place for all puppies. The walls must be high enough to prevent dogs from climbing them and exit when they are six weeks, but also short enough for the mother to go as desired.