Dog Personalities

Dog Personalities

(Dog Personalities), Dogs are peculiar creatures, they are smart and on a profound level can understand humans.
They also have different personalities that define both their behavior and some personality characteristics.
Much like humans they can display signs that indicate more than one type of personality. People generally tend to ignore this but it is in fact quite important.
Knowing your dog’s personality can be quite influential on your overall relationship because being able to identify your dog’s likes and dislikes will strongly impact your bond.
It is also extremely useful when trying to train him or her, knowing how your dog behaves and reacts to each type of reward will enhance the quality of the training.
Also depending on your dog’s personality, he will often refuse to do somethings meaning it will be a hard struggle to get them to do it.
So what are the 5 major personality types for dogs?


Confident dogs are what we usually refer to as alpha dogs.
This usually means that your dog is often comfortable in his own surroundings and is naturally a leader.
A confident dog will try to dominate meaning he might react aggressively when trying to subdue him or her.
This doesn’t mean that your dog is aggressive by nature that is in fact a huge misconception.
Confident animals don’t need violence to prove themselves but will ultimately resort to it if they feel that their safety and the safety of everyone around them is compromised.
When trying to train your confident dog you should focus on positive reinforcement he or she will be more responsive and will show fast progress.


Shy dog’s behavior resembles that of humans, they can get nervous or anxious when entering an unfamiliar environment.
If this is your dog’s personality you should never force him into a new environment but instead ease into it.
They will need a lot of reassurance and comfort when they get introduced to new people or new places so keep an eye out for that.
Shy dogs can react negatively if they get frustrated so you wouldn’t want a fun getaway to backfire.
When training this type of dog, you should focus on praising and encouraging him or her with treats.


Some types of dogs were created to live on their own, they are quite self-sufficient and avoid overly social environments.
These types of dogs usually only bond with one person often their owner and don’t give too much thought to other people.
Forcing this type of dogs in crowded places can backfire rather aggressively.
It is quite difficult to train an independent dog meaning you should try and notice what motivates them the most be it toys, treat, and sometimes even affection.

Overly friendly!

This is the kind of dog you see in movies, always happy, and open to everyone he meets.
They are often overly social and would greet pretty much anyone with a wagging tail and a joyful face.
An overly friendly dog always need training because they often are so enthusiastic they can’t hold their excitement and would often jump on pretty much anyone for cuddles, this can be quite scary when you have kids around.

The pleaser?

This is generally what you would call a “good dog” they have a huge tendency to please everyone around and can learn to read the room quite efficiently.
They are quite easy to handle seeing as how they obey most of your orders and unlike the overly friendly dogs, they can control their enthusiasm.
They are fairly easy to train and are generally not a threat to anyone.