Dog food Overview

Dog Food An Overview
dog eating bread

According to trusted statistics, 46% of dogs die of cancer in the US, and 40% of dogs are obese.
Our dogs mean everything to us, they give us everything they have, and as dog owners, it is our responsibility to give them back a healthy and happy lifestyle and diet.

Dog food is quite a sensitive problem that sadly not many people pay attention to, for dogs aren’t purely carnivores as cats; they need a diversified diet.
Because of how competitive capitalism has become it can be quite difficult to find adequate products with all the marketing, and mostly, dog owners don’t know what should they really buy and what to avoid.

All products claim to be the best dog food in the world but do they even come close.
In this article, we will try and show you how to pick a healthy and affordable product that your pet will find appealing.

What Defines a Good Dog Food?

Canned food is usually a no-go for us humans but they are in fact quite healthy for dogs.
Unlike cats they are not purely carnivores, meaning that their diet should contain some grains and vegetables.

These grains and vegetables are merely fillers they should never make up most of the diet.
Now a good dog food is something that contains meat, grains, and vegetables because that way your dog can load up on all the essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
The quality of the product increases as the quality of the ingredient increase.

When trying to read the ingredient you will often find what type of nutrient that specific dog food contains but rarely how or from where.
One thing that we should never ignore, is that the food sold by vegetarians isn’t always of high quality, as a dog owner, you should never presume that.

One important piece of information, human food is ideal for dogs; yeah you’ve probably heard your vet of someone on the TV saying the opposite, but let me tell you that human food isn’t good for the dog food business!

How Much Food Will my Dog Need?

It is, in fact, necessary to check with your local dog vet concerning the matter.
The nutrient that your dog need will depend on which breed he is, his weight and height, and how old is he or she.
Puppies, for instance, will need a special kind of dog food designed especially for them.

Bigger dog breeds will need more nutrition as opposed to smaller breeds of dogs.
You should also make sure you are not feeding your dog too much.
Overfeeding your dog might seem like a harmless thing to do, I mean look at how cute he or she is, but it is in fact very dangerous to your dog’s health.
Dog obesity is a real problem and can cause serious negative health effects.

Many dog owners end up overfeeding their dog it actually quite common research in 2016 claims that 45% of dogs in the US alone are overweight, that’s why you need to take your dog for regular check-ups and to consult an expert on the appropriate amount of food that you should give to your dog daily.

Finally, and just like humans, dogs can’t eat the same meal over and over and over … especially if we’re talking about the same cheap vitamins and minerals, and some diet that’s lacking meat, such a diet will surely cause your dog some serious GI problems; Nutritionally-deprived pets get sick guts.

Actually, if your dog is showing an intestinal-related problem right after switching foods, that’s a sign that your dog needs more variety in his diet, a sign that you oughtn’t ignore.