6 Things you Should Never Do to Your Cat

6Things you Should Never Do to Your Cat
two cats

Cats are mysterious creatures. They might seem shy sometimes and the next thing you know they are purring over your lap.
That is one of the reasons why people tend to mistreat or rather misread their needs.
If you are unused to having cats around this article is for you.
We will offer you a list of things you should never do to your cat.

Smoking around them!

Second-hand smoke harms all living creatures both human and animals are affected quite badly with this.
But pets unlike humans don’t have a strong resistance against smoke.
Smoking around your pet will ultimately lead to major long term negative health effects.

Don’t lock them inside!

It doesn’t really matter if they are pets or not. Animals are used to the wilderness and always need to interact and be exposed to nature.
In the structure of our modern world, it can be hard to let your cat out in fear they might get lost or even worse get harmed.
But try to take them out once in a while. You can also open the windows and remove the curtains so that they can get exposed to rays of sunshine.

Always prove them with fresh water:

If you are using a dish or a bowl to give water to your cat don’t forget to always clean it.
You would be surprised just how dirty they might get and just how harmful it can be for your cat.
Animals can’t tell us what’s wrong so the only thing we can really do is to protect them and minimize their exposures to illnesses.

Don’t ignore them!

Cats often seem shy. And there is this misconception that they don’t require as much attention as dogs do.
Cats absolutely need your love and affection.
In fact, an ignored cat can develop a negative health effect further down the line.
It is also important that you get them a playmate in case you don’t spend enough time with them.
Sitting alone in the house might get lonely and it will affect them negatively.

Never leave them in the dark!

This is a very common mistake. You should never leave your pet in total darkness it will influence their mental state and might make them feel abandoned or turn them wild.
Animals are as sensitive as we are if not maybe more, imagine being locked a dark house for a couple of days.
Try to always leave the lights on if you are not spending the night at your place.
And don’t forget to leave the curtains open to let some sunshine in.

Don’t miss your veterinarian check-ups:

Cats are fragile creatures you should always schedule regular check-ups at your local veterinarian.
Don’t lose their medical records you will never know when and where your cat might feel sick, so you need to keep their vaccine records with you in case you are traveling and taking them along.